This site is under construction.  Watch us build it page by page through the month of August.

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This site is under construction.  Watch as we build it!


A group of animal lovers decided to start FoFA in 2020 to support rescues, shelters and other animal-focused groups throughout the state of Florida to help them save more lives and provide better care for those animals needing a little TLC. Stayed tuned for our progress and some new programs that do just that. We are a 501(c)3 charity in the state of Florida able to solicit tax deductible donations.

What We Do

All of our efforts are aimed at reducing shelter intake and reducing euthanasia, focusing on the most at-risk animals. Through one program, we can fund veterinary treatment, including heartworm treatment, for shelter animals pulled by rescues. Through another, we are building a resource center for behavioral assessment and training for dogs.

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