The idea for Friends of Florida Animals began in 2019 when a group of concerned animal lovers approached Alachua County Animal Services to find out what they could do to help reduce euthanasia and improve the lives of animals waiting for adoption at that shelter.  They knew the importance of fostering and adoption programs, and the fundamental need to spay and neuter to prevent pet overpopulation.  But they wanted to learn what could be done to help specific high risk animals get out of the shelter and into a loving home.  

It turns out that funding veterinary treatment and/or behavioral assessment and intervention can make the difference between life and death.  Also, there many wonderful animal rescue organizations that pull dogs and cats from shelters and get them adopted, but sometimes need pledges towards the care and upkeep of particular animals.   But these needs aren't specific to Alachua County, and in fact, apply to all animals, not just dogs and cats.  So Friends of Florida Animals was born.  

We don't compete with rescues or any other animal welfare organizations.  We do try to leverage and enhance the great work they do by providing additional resources to help them save more lives.